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Don V

I have an HP (2.4G Q6600 Quad) with Vista (yeah I know but I don't want to void warranty and go to XP) with NVIDIA Getforce 8600 GT and have never been able to get multiple monitors to work correctly (easy to mirror but not different displays). I haven't tried recently but if anyone has had success I would appreciate hints.


I have Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz
4gb ram
nVidia 9600GT 512mb cards x2
running XP with monitors as an extension
I have 3 AOC 22" widescreens, really need a fourth.
My comp is not a branded model but one that a local shop builds themselves - easier to upgrade as they know whats in there.


If you decide to test out Windows 7 I recommend taking this version http://file.sh/Windows+7+Build+6956+torrent.html for experiment.

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2gb is supposed to work great as any thing more than that does not make much of a difference

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I like You don't have to have multiple monitors to be a good trader, but it does make life easier


I think, this theme is quite actual now. My comp is not a branded model but one that a local shop builds themselves - easier to upgrade as they know whats in there.

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Amanda Seyfried

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